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1. The purpose of Stridonium is to provide an online venue at which professional translators may exchange information and opinions and provide mutual assistance. It is hoped that this will both benefit the members concerned, and contribute to the assurance and raising of professional standards within the translation profession as a whole.  

2. Stridonium is intended for practising professional translators only. Whilst conceding that the term “professional” is arbitrary and open to interpretation, Stridonium associates it first and foremost with a degree of commitment to the profession. Applicants for membership are therefore required to provide evidence of such commitment, for instance by demonstrating membership of a national translators' association and/or a minimum period of professional practice.

3. Stridonium is intended for translators from all countries and translating from and into all languages, not least because translators in other countries may in some cases be best placed to provide assistance.

4. Stridonium has adopted the position that issues of interest to practising professionals are best discussed in private. The forums of Stridonium are therefore accessible only to Stridonium members, who in turn are requested to treat their content in confidence as appropriate.

5.Stridonium's principal purpose is to meet a need which is considered not to be met by similar sites at the present time. It does however have a commercial dimension, since membership comes against a fee. This is primarily intended to cover operating and development costs. Despite its commercial structure, Stridonium is a site run by translators, for translators.